My goal is to provide you, the athlete, with the most effective training program to achieve your specific objectives. Your source of motivation for running is personal and the type of training you do needs to be tailored to your individual needs. The runner, who wants to achieve weight loss, requires an entirely different program than the competitor intent on setting new personal records in races. From beginning runner to seasoned veteran, all levels of athletes can benefit from professional advice and an individualized program targeted at their specific objectives.

How far should I run? How fast should I run? Am I doing the correct type of workout at this point in my program to accomplish my goals? These are all questions that a personal and professional coach can help you answer.

Why hire a professional coach?

Running appears to be a very easy and natural activity, just put one foot in front of the other and move. There is, however, much more than meets the eye at initial glance. For the novice runner it is important to have someone to ask questions about lengths and paces of runs, stretching, clothing, racing and the myriad of details that the seasoned runner now takes for granted. For the veteran athlete, a coach will enable them to take full advantage of their training time and sequence their workouts for maximum results. Additionally, a coach can also provide another source of motivation and mentorship for the seasoned runner.

Don't I have to be an elite runner to hire a coach?

Anyone of any ability can benefit from a coach's direction and knowledge. Coach Cohen works with athletes of all ability levels and has a proven record of success with them.

Isn't a professional coach too expensive?

Check out the fee structure on this website. We believe that you will find that professional coaching is quite affordable and Coach Cohen is quite flexible in tailoring a program to meet your needs. Do you need an hour of his time and expertise or his continued involvement on a weekly or on-going basis? His coaching is not merely a series of formulas and a one-size-fits-all mentality. Ask yourself, how much is the investment of your time and effort worth to you? How can I maximize the results of my training?